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It’s best to seek the help of a nurse attorney when facing different complaints and allegations. However, there are nurses that tend to face the results instead without thinking that nurse attorneys are always reliable for matters such as these.

At the time of the initial incident, an RN was employed as a Registered Nurse at a hospital and was assigned as a Classroom Nurse at a school facility in Pearland, Texas, and had been in that position for one (1) year.

It was on or about December 7, 2018, the RN failed to immediately activate emergency medical services (EMS) when a student, who did not have a history of seizures, experienced a seizure in the classroom and failed to ensure that the student’s medical history and emergency transport paperwork was available. Additionally, the RN failed to completely document in the patient’s medical record regarding the seizure characteristics, involvement of the campus nurse, and any interventions performed.

The RN’s conduct resulted in an incomplete medical record and exposed the patient to a risk of harm from the unavailability of the medical records in the event of an emergency transfer of care.

In response to the incident above, the RN states that she was not aware that she was responsible for the students in the morning session, but once she was made aware, she completed the emergency action plans, evacuation plans, and other paperwork for those students. The RN states that on the date in question, she provided care to the patient who was seized in the classroom but did not have the EMS paperwork ready for him. The RN states that she notified the campus nurse who arrived to help, and the RN then called 911. She also added that EMS arrived but the student’s family decided to take the child to urgent care themselves. And states that the campus nurse documented the incident on the computer and documented the items she did herself.

However, she was not able to provide a good defense for herself. Therefore, the Texas Board of Nursing placed her license to a disciplinary action instead.

If you ever undergo cases such as this, it’s best to seek the assistance of a good nurse attorney as it could make the case better in your favor. Be sure to find a nurse attorney who’s experienced and knowledgeable in several nurse cases to ensure the best assistance possible.

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