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Every nurse case has different results at the end of each hearing. The result is based on the decision of the Board and if an RN has a nurse attorney for the defense. A nurse attorney who has a lot of experience in handling nurse cases is what an RN needs when facing the Board.

At the time of the incident, the RN was employed as a Licensed Vocational Nurse at a hospital in Dallas, Texas, and had been in that position for nine (9) months.

On or about December 2016, the RN misappropriated Ambien, Tramadol, and Lorazepam from the facility and patients thereof in that she admitted to the Director of Nursing she misappropriated narcotics from the facility for her own personal use. The RN’s conduct was likely to defraud the facility and patients thereof of the cost of the medications.

On or about February 27, 2018, the RN was indicted for FRAUD OBTAIN CS SC IVIV, a 3rd Degree Felony offense, in the 137th District Court of Lubbock County, Texas, under Cause No. 2018414437. This matter is currently pending.

In response, the RN admits and states she took Tramadol to help with her migraines and sleep deprivation. The RN’s conduct was reportable under the provisions of Sections 301.401-301.419, Texas Occupations Code.

The RN’s conduct resulted from or was significantly influenced by the RN’s substance use disorder.

The Board finds that there exist serious risks to public health and safety as a result of impaired nursing care due to intemperate use of controlled substances or substance use disorder.

The RN’s compliance with the terms of a Board-approved peer assistance program should be sufficient to protect patients and the public.

The RN involved in the incident mentioned above has failed to hire a nurse attorney and has to face the results given by the Board. Don’t be like her, know the ways and be prepared always.

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