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Accusations are stressful issues for an RN or LVN, except when a reliable nurse attorney assists you against the case. The Texas Board of Nurses is responsible for all hearings against RNs and LVNs undergoing a case that may revoke suspend or only discipline their license. Take note that nurse attorneys can also defend a nurse’s license against accusations.

On or about March 30, 2018, through April 10, 2018, while employed as a Registered Nurse in Sweetwater, Texas, the RN misappropriated Prednisone, Levofloxacin, and Doxycycline belonging to the facility and patients thereof in that she admitted to the Chief Executive Officer in an email that she took the medications for her own personal use.

The RN’s conduct was likely to defraud the facility and patients thereof of the cost of the medications:

The RN was summoned before the Board to defend against the case. As a defense to the accusations filed against her, the RN states they were short staffed, and she was ill. The RN further states she did not have time to get a prescription filled, and she did what she needed to do to protect her patients.

However, with the lack of an experienced nurse attorney to help her defend her side, the RN lose the case.

The Texas Board of Nursing then subjected the RN and her license into disciplinary action. The accusation would have been defended by an experienced and skilled nurse attorney, had the LVN hired one. Hiring a nurse attorney for defense is applicable for any kind of accusation laid against an RN or LVN.

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