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Revocation of your RN license may spell doom over your career, but not with the help of a nurse attorney. It is important to seek professional help with a nurse attorney over serious cases that may cause you to lose your RN license for good. Sadly, some RNs fail to do this very crucial step when they are faced with extremely serious issues, thinking that there is no hope for them.

Such incident happened on or about October 21, 2016, when an RN at Weatherford, Texas engaged in the intemperate use of Fentanyl. As a result, she even produced a specimen that’s positive for the usage of Fentanyl during a random drug screen conducted within the hospital.

The unlawful use of controlled substances is prohibited in any hospital and may cause the RN to suffer from side-effects due to controlled substance abuse. It may also cause the patient to conduct careless decisions which can potentially place patients in potential danger. She could have caused further injury to any patient she took care of during her shift while under the influence of the controlled substance.

Additionally, her intemperate use of controlled substance caused her to perform poorly due to impaired nursing care if she’s under the influence of controlled substances. She may also fail to notice a patient’s signs or symptoms, any change in the patient’s condition, and could cause her to impair her communication skills with patients and residents within the hospital.

An open meeting was held in regards to the issue. However, the RN failed to appear to defend herself against the charges filed against her. Therefore, the Texas Board of Nursing decided to revoke her license to prevent her from practicing her committed duties any longer.

Revocation is a very harsh punishment for any nurse. But the assistance of a nurse attorney could have helped the RN defend against her case, and might have helped her build up the courage to attend the hearing.

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