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For complaints and accusations regarding misconduct, a nurse attorney is the one to contact. However, many failed to do so, resulting in suspension or revocation of their license. Just like what happened to an RN in Big Spring. Read below to know her story.

At the time of the initial incident, an RN was employed as a Registered Nurse (RN) at a hospital in Mission, Texas, and floated to the Emergency Department (ED)and had been in that position for four (4) months.

An incident happened on or about October 8, 2019, 2019, the RN mislabeled two specimens for two separate patients. The RN’s conduct was likely to injure the patients from medical decisions based on incorrect testing and/or results.

And on or about October 8, 2019, the RN attempted to administer an intramuscular (IM) Toradol injection to a patient by mixing it with normal saline “so it doesn’t burn as bad.” The RN’s conduct may have injured the patient in that failing to properly administer IM medications as ordered by the physician could result in the patient suffering from adverse reactions.

Regarding the mislabeled lab specimens, the RN states she was told to draw a “rainbow” meaning draw labs for all tubes no matter if the doctor ordered the lab or not. The RN states she was told this was standard procedure and although the sticker maybe green, she would still use the sticker for red, gold, blue, gray, or purple top because all the lab needs is for the patient’s name to be on the tube. Regarding the Toradol injection, the RN states she has never had to administer an IM injection and the only injections she has done have been IV. The RN adds that she was taught to mix all medications with normal saline, especially narcotics, because of the burning sensation of some medications.

Because of the incident, the RN was disciplined by violating Texas Board of Nursing regulations. The RN also failed to hire an effective nurse attorney in Mission, Texas to properly defend her side of the story.

To avoid the same thing from happening to you, it is best to consult with Texas nurse attorney Yong J. An today if you have any questions about your disciplinary process by calling or texting him at (832) 428-5679 day, night or weekends.