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An experienced nurse attorney has surely helped a lot of RNs and LVNs when it comes to cases that may lead to disciplinary action. Unfortunately, not all nurses were able to hire a nurse attorney as they underwent such cases. This incident that the RN from Odessa committed was one of those examples.

On or about September 29, 2009the RN submitted a License Renewal Form to the Texas Board of Nursing, in which she provided false, deceptive, and/or misleading information, in that she answered “No” to the question:

“Have you, within the past 24 months or since your last renewal, for any criminal offense”.

The RN failed to disclose that on or about November 7, 2008, she pled Guilty to and was convicted of POSSESSION OF DRUG PARAPHERNALIA, a Class C Misdemeanor offense she committed on July 5, 2008.

When summoned by the Texas Board of Nursing, the RN states that in regards to the first charge, she was stopped on a routine traffic stop because a tail light was out. She was not able to provide the officer with a driver’s license because her wallet was left at home and the driver’s license she had in the side pocket of her purse had expired. However, upon, the court appearance, she was able to provide a valid license. In regards to the second charge, she was operating a vehicle registered to Toyotec Rental Company and they had rolling papers left in the car after cleaning the car. When she was stopped for speeding on July 5, 2008, the car was searched and she was charged for having rolling papers in her car. The legal representation advised her that the charge was as the same significance as a routine traffic ticket, therefore carrying no weight. Knowing this information, she did not think it was applicable or even relevant for renewing her license.

The following incident and defense against the case caused the Texas Board of Nursing to place the RN and her license into disciplinary proceedings. She would have sought assistance from a good nurse attorney to provide clarifications towards the case.

If you’ve ever done any errors or misdemeanor outside or during your shift as an RN or LVN, and you wish to preserve your career and your license, an experienced nurse attorney is what you need. Nurse Attorney Yong J. An, an experienced nurse attorney for various licensing cases for 14 years, can assist you by contacting him at (832) 428-5679.