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Accusations, complaints, allegations towards an RN or an LVN are reviewed and evaluated by the Board, whether the RN/LVN needs to be disciplined or not. But if you are an RN and violated the nursing laws, you should seek proper help from a nurse attorney. Doing so could result in a different outcome and prevent your license from suspension or revocation.

On or about January 5, 2019, while employed as a Registered Nurse as an RN at a hospital in Killeen, Texas, the RN has improperly inserted a peripheral intravenous catheter (1V) on a patient, in that the RN inserted the IV pointing downward towards patient’s hand, instead of pointing upwards towards the heart. Subsequently, the TV site became infiltrated, swollen, and developed blisters at the insertion site. The RN’s conduct unnecessarily exposed the patient to the risk of injury from adverse complications of peripheral IV infiltration; including, pain, skin swelling, and blisters.

Another incident happened on or about September 12, 2019, while employed as a Registered Nurse at the same in Killeen. Texas, The RN improperly stopped a vancomycin infusion to a patient without a physician order to cease the infusion. Her conduct exposed the patient to a risk of harm in that failure to administer medications as ordered by the physician could have resulted in the non-efficacious treatment of the patient’s cellulitis.

The RN states she was placed on a personal development contract to improve her intravenous therapy skills. And also states that she mistook the vancomycin infusion for another medication and stopped the infusion without verifying the medication.

Therefore, after the Board reviewed the RN’s case, the RN was sanctioned to disciplinary action, since the RN was not able to provide a nurse attorney to defend her grounds against the accusation.

At the end of the hearing or trial, the Board always has jurisdiction over these matters. So if ever you have questions about the Texas Board of Nursing disciplinary process? Contact The Law Office of RN License Attorney Yong J. An for a confidential consultation by calling or texting 24/7 at (832) 428-5679 and ask for a nurse attorney.