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RNs and LVNs searching for an attorney to represent them in the Texas Board of Nursing investigation or accusation need a laser-focused nurse attorney in Austin who is an expert in defending nurse’s licenses.

This is just one of the many cases the RN from Austin should have known had she only hired a nurse attorney to help her.

The incident occurred on or about February16, 2019, when the RN was arrested by the police. According to the investigation, an 80-year-old patient who died at the hospital where the RN was employed had undergone several heart procedures and needed his vitals to be constantly monitored.

On the sixth day of his hospital stay, monitor records showed that an alarm indicated a problem with either the device or the patient. No evidence suggested the RN were aware of the alarm going off until the man was discovered lying unresponsive in his bed. Shortly thereafter, he died.

Further, investigators believed that the patient’s telemetry status was not effectively monitored at the time of his death due to a lack of awareness of the disconnected lead.”

Apparently, when the RN was assigned to a telemetry unit, she’s supposed to be trained to place cardiac leads, set parameters for the monitors tracking each patient, verify heart rhythms, and take appropriate actions if there is an irregularity. She’s also trained to take notes on patient progress and inform the doctor if there were any changes.

Shockingly, it was discovered that the RN had no idea what to do in the case of a patient becoming disconnected from a cardiac monitor. They noted the RN didn’t even know how the monitors functioned. Upon further inspection, there was no evidence that the RN’s competence had been checked noting that the last time one of the nurses received training on the monitors had been thirteen years earlier.

All of these allegations were denied by the RN.

Because of this, the Board of Nursing placed her under disciplinary action right away. Hiring the right nurse attorney in Austin for this case would be of great help, knowing that she denied the accusations.

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