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The work that nurses do is often unappreciated. And sometimes, a bit of negligence could lead to a more serious scenario such as filing a suit against them. If this happens to an RN, they should know how to protect and defend themselves. If not properly defended by a nurse attorney, their license could even be suspended or revoked.

At the time of the incident, an RN was employed as a Registered Nurse at a hospital in Mesquite, Texas, and had been in that position for eight (8) months.

It was on or about November 8, 2019, when a failure to assess a patient, after the patient had been involved in an altercation with a peer where he had been pushed into a metal bench and fallen to the ground. Respondent failed to notify the patient’s physician. In addition, the RN falsely documented that she completed an assessment on the aforementioned patient on November 8, 2019, at 22:46, including documentation with respect to the patient’s pain, gait, leg length and rotation, and palpated pulse.

Subsequently, on or about November 9, 2019, a patient was found to have sustained a fractured femur and was transferred to the hospital. The RN’s conduct resulted in a delay in care and was likely to injure the patient due to the pain and risk of complications from an untreated femur fracture. Additionally, The RN’s conduct resulted in an inaccurate medical record and was likely to injure the patient in that subsequent caregivers would not have accurate information on which to base their decisions for further care.

In response to the incident, the RN states that she evaluated the patient on Saturday, November 9, 2019, after the physician called her about the incident. Respondent states that she only peeked into the room where the patient was on Friday, November 8, 2019. The RN states that she did inform the oncoming shift’s nurse to send the patient to the Emergency Department if the patient continued to complain of hip pain.

However, without valid evidence and a good nurse attorney to help her defend her side, the RN was disciplined by the Texas Board of Nursing.

This is just one of the many causes why every nurse in Texas is expected to act with prudence in practicing the profession. Gross negligence, disobedience, or any form of offense on the part of an RN or LVN is never excused.

If someone filed a case against you, you will need a nurse attorney to handle your case. Any type of accusations can be defended, as long as there is a skilled nurse attorney ready to assist you during the hearing before the Board of Nursing. Find the right nurse attorney in Texas to help you with your needs. Contact nurse attorney Yong J. An directly by calling or texting him at (832) 428-5679 for a discreet consultation.