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The Texas Board of Nursing is the government agency that has jurisdiction to hear and decide administrative cases involving RN license and LVN license being defended by a nurse attorney.  The BON has the power to suspend and/or revoke the nurse license.  It is also the agency that is responsible for overseeing the practice of professional nursing all over the State of Texas.

The disciplinary proceeding before the Texas Board of Nurse (BON) is an administrative proceeding wherein LVN / RN are charged for the commission of an offense or violation of certain state laws.

Two of the best examples include the following:

On or about September 8, 2015, through March 9, 2016, an LVN employed in a hospital in San Antonio, Texas failed to timely document patient encounters and care in the electronic medical records system, as required, from notes which had been hand written on students’ hall passes.

The LVN explains that she documented on her paper notes, but had not entered the notes into the electronic record. She further states that once documentation issues were discussed with her, she began to enter nursing notes in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, the Board of Nursing thinks that her conduct resulted in an incomplete medical record and was likely to injure the patients in that subsequent caregivers would not have accurate and complete information on which to base their care decisions. Thus, her LVN license was disciplined.

In another case involving nurse misconduct, an LVN in San Antonio, Texas withdrew two capsules of Fluoxetine20mg, two vials of Purosemide 40mg/4ml, one vial of Lorazepam  4mg/4ml  from the medication dispensing system for a patient but failed to follow the facility’s policy and procedures for wastage of the unused portions of the medications. Subsequently, she misappropriated one IV extension kit, one 22g needle; two capsules of Fluoxetine 20mg, two vials of Furosemide 40mg/4ml, Orie (Ijvial of Lorazepam 4tng/4ml, and one bottle of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide 4oz, in that the items were located by the Bexar County Sheriff Office in the LVN’s backpack.

As a response to the complaints filed against her, the RN states that the medical supplies and medications found in her backpack were supplies she had previously forgotten were in her pocket at the end of a prior shift.  Noticing this at home, the LVN placed the supplies in her backpack to return to the Medical Center for, proper disposal. She states the unwrapped syringe and capped needles in her pockets were supplies she had just removed and was about to use to medicate her patients before she was pulled off the floor.

Unfortunately, the Board of Nursing finds that her conduct left medications unaccounted for was likely to deceive the hospital pharmacy, and placed the pharmacy in violation of Chapter 481 (Controlled Substances Act) of the Texas Health and Safety Code. Furthermore, her conduct was likely to defraud the facility and patients of the cost of the medications.

Due to the series of events, the Texas BON disciplined the LVN and her license was suspended.

She failed to justify her case to the Texas BON by not hiring a nurse attorney that will properly defend her.

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