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Accusations are stressful issues for an RN or LVN, except when a nurse attorney assists you against the case. The Texas Board of Nurses is responsible for all hearings against RNs and LVNs undergoing a case that may revoke suspend or only discipline their license. Take note that nurse attorneys can also defend a nurse’s license against accusations.

This is the story of an RN who has been charged for alleged medical negligence. 

On or about May 23, 2017, while employed as a Staff RN in a medical facility in El Paso, the RN inappropriately delegated administration of medications to an unlicensed nursing assistant who was not trained to administer medications. The RN gave two medications, Synthroid and Vitamin D to the unlicensed nursing assistant and instructed her to administer them to a patient which the unlicensed nursing assistant did.

The RN then failed to document the administration of these medications in the medical record of the patient. Her conduct was likely to injure the patient from adverse effects of medications administered improperly.

In response to the incident, the RN states she was told during shift report that the patient prefers females assist her with the bedpan, and when the call light went off with the request, the nursing assistant started toward the patient’s room. As she passed the RN, the RN asked her to take the medications to the patient. “In retrospect, I realize that I should have taken them to the patient myself before she was put on the bedpan. I also could have waited until she was removed from the bedpan to give her the medications.”

However, without the proper help from a good defense attorney, the RN lost the case and she was disciplined and suspended.

The Texas Board of Nursing then subjected the RN and her license into disciplinary action. The accusation would have been defended by an experienced and skilled nurse attorney, had the RN hired one. Hiring a nurse attorney for defense is applicable for any kind of accusation laid against an RN or LVN.

For more details and to schedule a confidential consultation, you must approach one of the most experienced nurse attorneys in Texas, Yong J. An. He has assisted numerous nursing license cases since 2006. You may contact him by dialing (832)-428-5679 if you wish to learn more information should you undergo accusations or any other case that may affect your license.