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There are instances where some nurses may have committed an error on their work, which is why a nurse attorney is their best “support system” for their respective cases. This should have been done by an RN at San Antonio who performed her duties the wrong way.

On or about April 5, 2017 at San Antonio, Texas, an RN failed to verify the physician’s order for port placement on a patient to conduct a medical procedure. Subsequently, the port was placed on the patient’s right chest wall, but the port should be placed at the left side. The resulting action would have likely caused the patient to a risk of harm due to a wrong surgical procedure.

The RN was given a chance to defend the case filed against her. The RN states that the procedure packet she received had a physician’s order for port placement which references a scanned order. However, the scanned order of the physician was not actually indicated in the packet.

The RN also added that the physician’s order was scanned upon the completion of the procedure. Apparently, the result of the scanning showed that the port was to be placed on the left side of the patient’s chest wall, while it has been attached to the right side already.

The Texas Board of Nursing has full jurisdiction over all cases regarding an RN or LVN’s error during a medical procedure, resulting them to sentence the RN and her license into disciplinary proceedings. The disciplinary proceedings can guarantee future safety when the RN performs her duties in the future. However, the RN would have been assisted further in her defense if she was able to hire a good nurse attorney.

If you ever want to find the right way to defend yourself against a nurse license case, it’s always best to find an experienced nurse attorney for the said cases. To do so, you may contact Attorney Yong J. An, representing nurses for over 14 years, by dialing (832)-428-5679 for a confidential consultation or for more inquiries on what you should do best during a case.