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In San Antonio, many nurses appear before the Texas Board of Nursing  without a San Antonio nurse attorneys. They go into it trusting that everything will work out. However, they failed to realize that the Board acts as a tribunal to determine the future of their license. The Board’s interest is to protect the public but not the LVN or RN license. In other words, they determine the fate of an LVN or an RN’s career, and the nurse’s very livelihood is at stake.

This is exactly what happened to an LVN in San Antonio when she was charged with misconduct.

At the time of the initial incident, the LVN was employed in a medical facility in San Antonio and had been in that position for eight months.

On or about February 17, 2019, the LVN was allegedly verbally abusive to a patient’s husband in that she allegedly said, “What the hell were you thinking? I’ve told you not to do that. This is what you get. I’m so mad.”

Additionally, the LVN was observed screaming at the resident’s husband and stating it was his fault his wife fell. The LVN’s conduct was likely to cause emotional injury to the resident and her husband.

Subsequently, the LVN was allegedly verbally abusive to another patient in that she was cursing at him and told him to shut up. Her conduct was likely to cause emotional injury to the resident and could have interfered or disrupted this resident’s treatment.

The Texas Board of Nursing summoned the LVN to hear her side of the story. However, the LVN failed to appear before the court. Because of this, the LVN was disciplined and suspended.

The LVN could have defended herself by hiring San Antonio nurse attorneys on her side. However, she failed to do so, which led to her license being suspended.

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