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A nurse attorney is extremely important for RN cases such as improper use of medicine, whether the issue is severe or not. This should have been done by a nurse from San Antonio, Texas during her defense when she received a complaint about her improper use of medicine in the facility.

This very incident happened on or about December 8, 2015, and November 2016. These were instances on two different facilities the RN worked at. The first incident happened when the RN inaccurately documented administering Zofran through a vaginal route to a patient.

The second incident occurred when she personally engaged in drug-seeking behavior, resulting her to remove Midazolam from a sharps container with an intent for her to use it personally. The errors of her action did not just risk the patient of injury. She also promoted an unsafe medical environment while exposing herself and others in infectious pathogens from the sharps container she acquired.

Despite the severity of her actions, she was given a chance to defend against the case filed to her. For the first incident, she admitted the error of her actions because the medication should be given via IV route. This explanation could have been strengthened with the assistance of the right nurse attorney for the case.

For defending the second incident, she stated that she was not witnessed removing the sharps container, but her father found what she took. She subsequently confessed how she obtained the said items. However, she stated that she did not use the items and discarded them instead.

The Texas Board of Nursing has full jurisdiction in regards to cases that may discipline, revoke or suspend an LVN or RN license. Therefore, the BON placed the RN and her license into suspension. These results are the exact reason why an experienced nurse attorney must be hired.

So if you ever undergo such cases, especially if you wish to do right for your career this time, it’s best to find a suitable nurse attorney who can assist you. You may contact Nurse Attorney Yong J. An for consultation as he is experienced in the field of nurse cases for several years. For more details, contact him (832)-428-5679.