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Fox San Antonio can finally report on how many patients and staff at the San Antonio State Hospital (SASH) had COVID-19 after a 10 week battle against the State of Texas.

Here is their report.

For years we have fought to get public information from SASH and the Health and Human Services Commission. That information included knowing how many patients and staff at SASH had COVID-19. Our fight for information started in May and had to be decided by the Attorney General’s office who sided with us and ordered most of the information we asked for to be released.

A psychiatrist nurse‚Äôs assistant who died almost 2 months ago that worked at the San Antonio State Hospital. We would never have known about her COVID-19 death if it wasn’t for her co-workers. Co-workers told us many behind this fence were sick including patients.

On May 8th, we requested a breakdown by State Facilities of those who had COVID. The State didn’t agree taxpayers had a right to know the number of patients sick at each facility with the deadly disease.

Every week we asked for the information, we were told the same thing they were working on our request.

Then on July 24th, a ruling from the Attorney General to release the information Fox San Antonio and 10 other news organizations in other Texas cities had requested… the number of cases of COVID-19 in State-run nursing homes assisted living facilities, and child care operations.

Read their full report here.

In this time of the pandemic, the real heroes are our brave nurses. However, they are aware that if they are not thorough while doing their job, they may face the possibility of being called to come in on a day off to correct charting, or face the fear that if they miss something, they could face disciplinary action.


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