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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic started its devastating roll across the country, the health care work environment was experiencing challenges – especially for nurses in San Antonio.

A nurse in San Antonio tells what a typical day for them looks like. Here is their story.

It’s second nature for Andrea Enriquez to drape herself in the proper protective equipment.“I knew what I signed up for. Initially, there was fear because who wants to become a nurse during the pandemic?” Enriquez says.

“I mean it’s a calling, it’s a job, I love coming to work every day.”Enriquez is a nurse in the Acute Care Unit (ACU) at University Hospital in San Antonio, where she handles COVID-19 patients. Health care workers like Enriquez are adapting to the constant developments with this virus.

“Things are changing every single day. The protocols that we have in the hospital, the plans when there are emergencies, and that kind of stuff, it changes. We roll with it,” Enriquez says.

“But it’s not as intimidating as people think it is to come into work every day.”The ratio of COVID-19 patients per nurse in the ACU is three-to-one.“They are typical patients just like anybody else. They just have an existing condition that needs caring for,” Enriquez says. “We have a lot of fun taking care of these patients. The patients are so grateful and they make it worth it every single day.”

As of July 15, there are 7,968 cases in Bexar County that have resulted in a full recovery, a fulfilling victory for the nurses and the patients.

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