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Nurses, the backbone of healthcare, typically have to deal with serious levels of burnout – the COVID-19 pandemic has made the problem that much worse.

In San Antonio, a travel nurse’s mission to help care for COVID-19 patients ended abruptly when he arrived at his rental home to discover his belongings were stolen.

The sad news was reported by

On July 28, Jeremy Arvelo completed his fourth consecutive night shift at Southwest General Hospital and headed to the Airbnb home he was renting in the 100 block of Oakcrest Avenue. He arrived at 7:20 a.m. and found the residence had been burglarized.

Everything was taken, including sensitive information like his passport, laptop, and a book of passwords. His cameras, used for his passion for studying wildlife, also were gone, along with hard drives containing memories of trips, weddings, and other events.

Even his clothes and food were stolen. All the 31-year-old was left with were a few of his scrubs and cleaning supplies.

“I felt violated, I had everything with me,” Arvelo said. “It’s not even the possessions, the camera or the laptop. It’s more about the memories and time I put into the work.”

A police detective told Arvelo the thieves entered a window on the side of the house. The same window had been used to enter the home in a previous burglary, a police report states.

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