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Contacting a criminal defense attorney with extended knowledge in nursing laws is the perfect choice for those who are undergoing a case that may affect their nurse license. An LVN realized this the hard way August 2, 2017 when she was performing an incorrect treatment to the patient while causing harm during the process. She also failed to contact a criminal defense attorney with knowledge in handling nursing laws when she got summoned by the Texas Board of Nursing.

The Texas Board of Nursing has jurisdiction over cases regarding nurses, and they are the ones who also provide sentences such as suspension or revocation on a nurse’s license. The assistance of a criminal defense attorney may be suitable for cases filed by the Board if the lawyer has knowledge related to nurse license laws. This is why the LVN received a suspension order because she was suspected or harming a patient while failing to seek assistance from the right criminal defense attorney for nurse cases.

The report said that the LVN wounded the patient with a syringe that she was holding. However, the LVN was able to explain during the hearing that the patient was fighting back when it was “time for her maintenance medication”. The patient was rejecting the treatment, which was actually a normal thing that the patient was doing before the other nurses who previously treated her. However, the LVN was not fully aware of this despite the warnings that the other nurses provided to her.

This immediate family member of the LVN was able to file a report upon seeing the injury. Sadly, there were nor camera footage of what happened in order for the LVN to defend herself against the case. The added fact that she did not have any criminal defense attorney with knowledge in nurse licensing cases and issues caused her to receive a suspension order from the Board.

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