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Any kind of unauthorized access and administration of medicine is subject for suspension by the Texas Board of Nursing but can be defended properly by a nurse attorney. This is the case for a certain RN in San Antonio, Texas after unauthorized administration of medicine to a patient.

The incident occurred on December 2 to 18, 2015, where the RN administered medications to several patients. However, she was not able to appropriately document the assessments and reassessments in the medical records of the patients. Therefore, there is no such information on how or why the medications were administered.

At the same time, during the same dates, the RN did not receive any orders from the physician when she administered the medicines. She also failed to document everything regarding the administration of medication to the MAR and nurse’s notes. The RN also failed to take precautions to prevent such misappropriation.

She also misappropriated medications belonging to the facility and patients on or about the same date indicated above. However, she eventually admitted on December 28, 2015, that she committed the previous act due to personal issues about drug abuse. The following errors could result in further injury to the patient, as well as a potential overdose due to an inaccurate medical record.

The RN was called to defend the case against the Texas Board of Nursing. She states that she was going through a bad time in her life while diverting medications. She also admitted that she might have placed incorrect records, yet admitted that she was having issues. She was eventually referred by the hospital to TPAPN.

Based on the findings of the Texas Board of Nursing, as well as the admittance of the RN about her personal issues, her RN license was placed under suspension. But whether the case was severe or not, she should have contacted an experienced nurse attorney for further assistance.

Cases like these should have a nurse attorney ready to provide help in defending your case. For further inquiries or if you want to schedule a confidential consultation, please refer to Attorney Yong J. An by dialing (832)-428-5679 for a confidential consultation. Always remember that the right nurse attorney will surely grant the help you need for cases that may compromise your license and career.