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An RN license subjected to disciplinary action due to working outside her assigned role can be assisted by a nurse attorney during the hearing. However, this RN failed to do so, resulting her to undergo disciplinary proceedings.

The Texas Board of Nursing has full jurisdiction regarding the procedures that may discipline, suspend or revoke an RN or LVN license. Therefore, it is best to hire a nurse attorney for assistance regarding these matters.

An incident where an RN worked outside her nurse’s role occurred on or about October 1, 2013, at San Antonio, Texas. The RN wrote a prescription of Tylenol #4 for a patient outside her advanced role and focus area of treatment. A similar incident also happened on or about June 1, 2016, where she prescribed Zaleplon to an adult patient outside her role.

The resulting actions unnecessarily exposed the patient to a risk of harm due to incorrect intervention. It is also further implied that the RN has insufficient training to independently provide advanced medical care for older patients.

Apparently, the RN was given a chance to defend against the case filed against her. The RN states that she saw several instances of pediatric patients and her doctor saw adult patients at the same time. She also states that she will not sign prescriptions for any patient outside her role, and will apologize if she has committed any.

She also admitted in prescribing Zaleplon for the patient because her supervising physician requested for the medication and dosage. She added that she doesn’t provide any medication to patients outside her scope of work.

Upon review by the Texas Board of Nursing, they decided to place her under disciplinary proceedings. The disciplinary proceedings will be given to her to avoid such incidents in the future. The right nurse attorney would have assisted her well in the case if she was able to hire one.

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