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Drug use is unacceptable in the nursing industry, which is why you need a good criminal defense attorney who can help you in nursing cases once you undergo one. An LVN based in Texas got her license revoked for having a positive drug screening result. However, the incident is not just all about a positive screening result, as the issue began with a worse scenario than the result of the LVN’s drug screening.

A drug screening at a hospital in Houston occurred somewhere around October 16. It was an annual drug screening procedure for all of the nurses and doctors, as part of their annual physical health screening as well. The LVN was one of the employees present at the hospital who will undergo the health and drug screening procedures.

According to an RN at the hospital, the LVN appeared to be troubled by the news, as if it seems that he was nervous about something.But nonetheless, the LVN still took the courage to take the annual physical anddrug screening. However, the records of the drug screening ha shown that sheproduced a positive specimen for the use of a controlled substance.

The reports of the drug screening indicate that the LVN was using Fentanyl, whereas a high amount of it was observed on the specimen that the LVN provided for the drug screening. The report shows that the LVN is frequently using Fentanyl for her personal reasons while knowing as an LVN that Fentanyl should not be used indiscriminately.

For nurses, please be advised that Fentanyl is a controlled substance that may hinder your performance as you do work. Drug screening results use drug use measurements that are over the normal usage to ensure that hospital employees are not abusing the substances they are tasked to secure and use properly for patients. That’s why you can always seek the assistance of a criminal defense attorney with knowledge in handling nurse license issues if you ever got accused of having a positive result.

However, the LVN failed to hire a criminal defense attorney with specialized knowledge in nursing laws, which is why the TexasBoard of Nursing suspended the LVN’s license. Take note that any licensed professional may likely go to jail with a permanent history if they are charged with a crime. Additionally, they may also lose their license and may face theTexas Board of Nursing. Non-U.S. citizens may also get deported and may lose their green card as well.

It’s best to secure your career for a better life, which is why a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is always present to assist you against accusations and false records. To receive the finest private consultation for your nurse case, be sure to hire Criminal Defense Attorney Yong J. An – a knowledgeable professional in handling several nursing license and criminal cases since 2006. All you need is to contact him at (832)-428-5679 to begin.