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A nurse attorney can be very useful whenever you face a charge related to an injury that a patient got after treatment. Patients tend to file complaints immediately whenever they receive an injury as a result of a treatment. But there are sometimes where injuries happen due to the patient’s actions, not due to a previous treatment.

Missing to hire a nurse attorney can be a dangerous thing for most LVNs and RNs due to the procedures executed by the Texas Board of Nursing. They always require a good defense on the nurse’s end to ensure their safety, as well as place the right consequences instead of immediately suspending or revoking the nurse’s license. This is why a certain LVN got her license disciplined instead of facing suspension when she hired a good nurse lawyer for the case.

The LVN’s incident happened on or about September 1, 2014 when she was providing assistance to a patient in the emergency room who’s suffering from a joint injury due to an accident. According to the complaint, the LVN was accused of the incident when she suddenly pressed the joints too hard to the point where the patient started screaming with pain and was unable to move his legs even further.

The LVN was advised to attend a hearing due to the complaint filed by the family against her. She had a good nurse attorney by her side who then explained the whole situation, and told that the patient was in a “very bad temper and tried to fight back the pain by rejecting any offer for assistance provided by the LVNs”. However, the doctor advised the LVNs to assist the patient despite his exclamations, which almost escalated. The tantrums shown by the patient stopped when his leg stopped moving due to the further injury that he sustained due to his own actions.

Thanks to the assistance of a good nurse attorney, the LVN only got disciplined without any risk of license suspension. This is why you should seek the assistance of experts such as Nurse Attorney Yong J. An because their capabilities can assure that you will never lose your license as a result of an issue. To contact an excellent nurse attorney, it’s best to dial (832)-428-5679 to begin.