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It is every nurse’s right to hire a nurse attorney should they encounter a case that may compromise their RN license. The Texas Board of Nursing has full jurisdiction over all cases that may affect the RN license. This is exactly why the nurse attorney can serve as your best line of defense, for it is your right to defend your career and license as a nurse.

Unfortunately, most RNs fail to hire a nurse attorney for assistance. An incident that involved such failure happened on August 2, 2017, when the RN failed to remove a fentanyl patch from a patient before she applied a new patch. It caused the patient to be rushed towards the emergency room due to decreased levels of oxygen and consciousness.

The misconduct of the RN caused the patient to suffer from serious injury and adverse effects. The patient also suffered a fentanyl overdose, resulting in an altered level of consciousness and respiratory distress.

The Texas Board of Nursing is responsible for handling all cases that may cause the RN license to undergo disciplinary action, suspension, or revocation. Thus, the help of the right nurse attorney could serve as great assistance to the RN during times like these. But despite having no nurse attorney, the RN arrived before the board to defend herself.

She denied the charges filed against her because she always removes the patch and replaced it with a new one once a replacement is needed. She was positive that she removed the fentanyl patch from the patient’s right upper chest before disposing it and applying a new patch at the left upper chest. There was no other nurse who witnessed the removal and wastage of the patch.

The RN concluded that she did not do anything wrong. But due to the RN being the only nurse, along with the negative impact laid on the patient, the RN was placed under disciplinary action by the Texas Board of Nursing.

If the RN was able to hire a nurse attorney, she could have been assisted further with the case. Therefore, you should seek Nurse Attorney Yong J. An if you ever need private consultation for the sake of defending your right as an RN who practices her duties properly. You may contact him by dialing (832)-428-5679 for further assistance.