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A nurse attorney can provide the best solution or defense that you might need when undergoing a case before the Texas Board of Nursing. Remember that the Board is the one who has jurisdiction when handling cases regarding any errors committed by an RN when performing work at a hospital or any medical facility. They are the ones who also provide sanctions over your nurse license if you got caught with any misconduct at work.

The Board is extremely strict when handling situations like these because working at a hospital is a matter of saving the life of a patient. Thus, any error done on your end could place you into disciplinary action, suspension or revocation depending on the severity of the error that you committed at work. On the other hand the right nurse attorney can be your best line of defense to convince the Board that you never did such an act.

A certain RN failed to hire a nurse attorney on his case when he received a complaint on the hospital where he was working on December 19, 2016. He got a complaint regarding the worsening condition of a patient due to an overdose of medicine provided to him on the day before the complaint was filed. The main reason why the patient got overdosed was because she failed to file a report to the physician regarding the administered medication before the other staff provided another set of medication an hour after the RN did it.

Take note that any inaccurate medical record can place the patient in danger because other staff may do the same medication even if it was done or if it is not needed to be done anymore. Failing to send documentation or any other medical report is considered a dangerous offense within the hospital premises as it can ruin the reputation of the facility, and they may also face legal violations.

The Board then decided to place the RN into disciplinary action for the error of her ways to ensure that such mistake will never happen again. So if you’re facing the same problem, be sure to hire Nurse Attorney Yong J. An for a proper legal consultation by dialing him at (832)-428-5679.