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Any delay at work is not an excuse when it comes to a nurse attorney because they are properly licensed and tested to act immediately when they are handling cases of their clients. This is why a certain RN got her license suspended when she hired the wrong nurse attorney who actually caused a delay on the case that he was handling. Any nurse attorney should work on time to guarantee a better resolution for their clients if they are undergoing a case before the Texas Board of Nursing.

This incident happened on December 2, 2015 when the RN administered a medication to a patient, but in excess amounts. But what the hospital noticed was when the RN was actually taking some of the medications. A certain staff actually caught the RN when she was taking some medicines on the patient’s dispensing system.

Taking medicines from the dispensing system for personal use is a serious offense because it can defraud the patient from any costs that they need to pay for the medicines. Additionally, the patient may also experience further injury or any other sickness as a result of any misuse of medication. Gladly, the patient never experienced any further problems because it was found out that the patient never took any excessive amounts of medication.

Therefore, they have proven out that the RN was actually taking the medications only, which is why they thought that the patient was given too much medicines. However, the fact that the RN was taking medication from the dispenser is still a serious offense for the Board, which is why they summoner her for a hearing that she failed to attend to.

The Board then placed the RN’s nurse license into suspension with a possibility of revocation if the RN was caught taking more medication upon thorough investigation. That’s why you need to be well prepared for any hearing provided to you by the Board, and one good thing to become prepared is by hiring Nurse Attorney Yong J. An. He is a well-versed nurse attorney who has more than 14 years worth of experience, and all you need to do is to contact him at (832)-428-5679 for a case evaluation.