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Forgery cases can also be assisted by a nurse attorney when needed. Forgery is a known offense in hospitals, especially when transacting and handling medical records with no good intent. It seems that there are also cases where some nurses may receive a hearing from the Board regarding forgery, even if they never intended to commit such an act.

This is what happened on or about August 31, 2015, on an RN in San Antonio, Texas when she forged and passed checks for another resident in the hospital. The said checks were intended to perform transactions within the hospital, which actually had a considerable value for every check that was forged. Apparently, the RN was never authorized by the resident to conduct such acts.

This kind of action has defrauded another resident in the hospital, and it may have deceived the hospital from certain transactions that are occurring in the place at the time. This is an extremely serious offense which the Texas Board of Nurses took immediate action, especially if the checks were not authorized by the original recipient.

The RN was not able to attend the hearing with the Board when she was summoned upon receiving a letter from them. Thus, the Texas Board of Nursing immediately placed her RN license to suspension to ensure that she would learn from her mistakes. Take note that the Texas Board of Nursing has full jurisdiction when handling nurse-related cases, including sentences for disciplinary action, suspension, or revocation of an RN or LVN license.

Forgery is a serious offense especially if money is involved. Furthermore, some forgery-related cases could also lead to imprisonment, and not just punishment for your nursing license. This is why a nurse attorney is crucial for scenarios such as these to ensure the proper defense that the RN or LVN may need when facing such charges.

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