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Your nearest nurse attorney can assist you even in uncommon cases such as failure to intervene in a medical treatment. However, most nurses are not aware of this, which is why this particular RN from Wichita Falls faced disciplinary action for assisting other residents unnecessarily.

The incident happened on or about July 2, 2016, when the RN failed to intervene and assess when the patient experienced a change in condition. The patient experienced symptoms including blood pressure with a reading 81/52, repeated complaints of being unable to breathe, and frequently yelling out for staff.

In addition, the RN failed to notify the physician and the patient’s family of changes in her condition. Instead, she moved the roommate of the patient to another room so that the roommate would not be disturbed by her behavior.

The said action done by the RN might have caused to injure the patient from clinical care decisions formulated on incomplete assessment information, deprived the physician of the opportunity to institute timely medical interventions to stabilize the patient, and may have contributed to the patient’s demise.

The Texas Board of Nursing took immediate notice upon this serious matter and summoned the RN for a hearing against her case. She stated before the Board that she became aware of the low pressure reading that was documented by the night shift aide while she was reviewing the chart.  At that time,  she states  she rechecked  the blood pressure and the reading was 120/64 so she did not see a need to call the doctor because the blood pressure was well within range.

However, the Board does not allow such an excuse, which is why it was best for the RN to hire a nurse attorney in the first place.

The Texas Board of Nursing sentenced her RN license into disciplinary action to ensure that she will be able to perform the right ethics, as well as follow the guidelines of the hospital in the future. It is extremely important for all nurses to follow the rules of their hospital, and even simple errors like wearing civilian attire in the operating room must be strictly followed.

If you ever violated any guidelines in your hospital, but have a good reason for your defense, it’s best to seek legal consultation first with a nurse attorney. For the best counseling you can ever receive for your case, Mr. Yong J. An is here to help you out. You may contact him at (832)-428-5679 for further details.