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All LVN or RN is under the jurisdiction of the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). All complaints or cases concerning their practice are lodged before the Board. Thereafter, the members of the Board will hear the case and decide on the issues or matters submitted for resolution. The parties charged are given the opportunity to be heard with the aid of a nurse attorney. 

At the time of the initial incident, an RN was employed as a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse at a hospital facility in Longview, Texas, and had been in that position for seven (7) months.

On or about May 22, 2018, while employed as a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse, the RN failed to notify his preceptor prior to disconnecting the pressure cables from the pulmonary artery catheter of a patient, the RN was not competent to disconnect the cables without nursing supervision. The patient was not harmed. The RN’s conduct created an unsafe environment and exposed the patient to the risk of injury from a lack of competent nursing care.

On or about May 22, 2018, the RN administered Spironolactone at 1557 hours to a Patient, who was in acute renal failure, instead of at 0900 hours as per physician orders. Additionally, the RN inaccurately documented the administration time of the Spironolactone as 0900 hours. The patient was not harmed, The RN’s conduct created an inaccurate medical record and was likely to injure the patient in that subsequent caregivers would not have accurate and complete information on which to base their care decisions.

 In regards to the incidents above, the RN states he began to disconnect the pressure cables before his preceptor entered the room. The RN further states the catheter was then successfully removed under preceptor supervision. 

And also then, the RN states the pharmacy did not send the required medication until later in the afternoon. The RN further states he charted the medication as administered at 0900 so as not to mess up the timing of future doses and also states he forgot to add a nursing note documenting the correct administration time.

Unfortunately, the Texas Board of Nursing suspended her license because she failed to properly defend her case. 

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