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An RN license nurse from San Antonio was subjected before the Texas Board of Nursing (referred to as the Board) for a disciplinary proceeding. LVN and RN discipline proceedings are required for any LVN or RN license with a record of misconduct over their professional commitment. Undergoing such cases need the protection of the right attorney.

The Board has full jurisdiction on any LVN or RN license malpractice or misconduct in their designated hospital or pharmacy. All RN and LVN proved guilty of any violation with the state and federal laws are subjected to undergo disciplinary cases.

On or about March 16, 2016, through April 15, 2016, while employed at a hospital in San Antonio, an RN withdrew the following medications without any full or accurate documentation in the patients’ Medication Administration Record and Nurse’s Notes:

  • 5 syringes of Hydromorphone 2mg
  • 2 syringes of Hydromorphone 4mg
  • 26 tabs of Hydrocodone 10/325mg
  • 19 tabs of Oxycodone-Acetaminophen
  • 14 abs of Oxycodone 15mg

The RN withdrew following medications from the medication dispensing system during the time range of the incident. The said misconduct was likely to injure patients or cause adverse side effects. Caregivers also rely upon the RN’s notes to administer correct medication for the patients.

Additionally, the RN was unable to follow the facility’s policy and procedure for wastage of the unused portions of the said medications. The report also indicated that the RN also withdrew some of the mentioned medications for patients not assigned to her care. These are severe misconducts which can accurately lead towards RN discipline procedure unused portions of medicine requires evaluation before reuse.

Lastly, the RN also obtained an excess amount of medication compared to the amount listed as per physician’s orders. Excessive medication may cause further injury and adverse effects, particularly overdose, to the patient. The Board may revoke her RN license unless the RN has an appropriate explanation regarding the incident.

The RN was given a chance by the Board to defend the case. She denied the excessive withdrawal and misappropriation of the said medications. She also denied drug screening when confronted as she completed her own on April 22, 2016, which resulted negative.

The Board finds the RN’s impaired nursing care as a severe risk to the health and safety of the public. The intemperate use of controlled substances and chemical dependency could worsen a patient’s condition for the long term. Therefore, her RN license was subjected to disciplinary proceedings to avoid further incidents in the future.

The RN should have a San Antonio RN license nurse attorney to assist in this process instead of representing by herself. Yong J. An has over 13 years of experience in dealing with the Board. Don’t be alone during the Texas Board of Nursing complaint proceedings. Please contact San Antonio RN nurse license Attorney Yong J. An calling (832)-428-5679 for a confidential consultation.