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A nurse who was working at a nursing and rehab center in Texas had his license suspended for failure to fully assess a resident who has a bruised area on the right hip due to unknown causes.  The nurse failed to assess sensation, temperature, alignment and or patient’s range of motion in the affected area.  As a result of the nurse taking proper measures to care for the resident, it was discovered two days later that the patient had a fractured hip.   The nurse’s conduct was likely to injure the patient due to undetected changes of condition and the delay in providing necessary medical care for the patient’s hip fracture.


The nurse’s response to the Board of Nursing’s allegations was that: “I was on duty with about thirty residents assigned to me and at about 10pm the certified nurse’s aide (CNA) notified the nurse that the patient seemed to have some bruising on the thigh area.  The patient was bound to bed but was able to express himself using non-verbal cues.  The nurse assessed the patient before incontinent care would continue which is that the CNA was doing when the bruising was noticed. The nurse put the patient on observation and wrote an incident report after notifying the physician and the patient’s family.  The nurse also input an order to monitor the patient for any progression of the condition, notified the incoming shift and also wrote it down on the 24-hour report.  Throughout the shift the nurse observed the patient multiple times and when he rechecked for discoloration; not symptoms or signs of pain or progression were noted.


As a result of the nurse’s lack of proper assessment for the patient, the nurse was placed on probation for a minimum of two years and until the nurse fulfills any requirements of the order placed by the Texas BON.


In addition to the probation, the nurse was also required to complete designated remedial education courses as well as fulfill certain employment requirements as part of the order.


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