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Nurses in Texas are held to strict standards of care. These standards are established at the federal level to ensure the same quality of care regardless of the location. However, standards are also set at the state level by the Texas Board of Nursing. Additional standards may be set by the facility in which the nurse works. This may make it seem like there are too many standards. However, they all boil down to providing quality care and not knowingly harming patients.

The majority of nurses strive to meet or exceed the standards of care. That’s critical, because failing to meet those standards can result in corrective or punitive action by the Board of Nursing. In some cases, allegations of violating the standard of care seem pretty cut and dried. For instance, there’s the case of the Texas LVN who put duct tape over the mouth of an elderly patient when he made rude comments to her. She admitted to the action before the Board of Nursing, and her license was immediately suspended.

The majority of cases are far less flagrant. There’s the case of the RN who was accused of participating in non-therapeutic prescribing practices, including dispensing controlled substances to patients without conducting a complete assessment. An additional case involved an LVN who was accused of failing to notify a physician when prescribed medications were not administered as directed. Yet another LVN was accused of falsifying patient notes, which allegedly created an inaccurate medical record.

Each of these nurses received punishments by the Board that ranged from a warning with stipulations up to permanent revocation of their license. Most of them disputed the allegations of the Board, yet did not hire experienced legal counsel to help them make a more aggressive defense. When your very ability to earn a living is on the line, doesn’t it make sense to find an advocate who can help to ensure that the Board gets to the facts of the matter?

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