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Attorney Yong was my legal representative for a case filed before the Texas Board of Nursing. It was such a relief to know that I hired the right counsel. He was very supportive in everything! I felt that he really cared for his client. His primary concern is not the money that he would earn but the help that he could offer. Because of his expertise in nursing defense, he managed to help me obtain reduced restrictions from the Board. I will recommend him to everyone! 100% Amazing. 100% Outstanding. 100% Satisfying!

I needed a lawyer for my case back then. Because of this, I went online to find who can be the best representative for my case before the BON. I came across the site of the Law Firm of Yong J. An. I was able to read several reviews about him. Many people were claiming that he is an excellent nursing defense lawyer. For this reason, I immediately called him.

It was such a great opportunity for me to meet this lawyer because he handled my case with dedication and expertise. He charged a reasonable fee and even gave me a great payment plan. His efforts led to the dismissal of my case. I have to say that Yong did a great thing for me! I will forever be grateful for all his help.
I’m just so glad that he was the first lawyer I found online. HE EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS. Truly the best!


I searched for a Texas lawyer who is good in handling nursing defense cases. During my research, I came across the website of Mr. Yong. I read positive comments from his previous clients, which made me become more interested in what he does. Because of this, I tried to send a message via the website. What made me really happy was the fact that a member of his team responded right away! He was so nice to me. I wish there won’t come a time that I would require the services of a lawyer. But right now, I have to say that I will recommend his firm to those who are in need!

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