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Personal use of medication from the hospital could highly likely suspend or revoke an RN or LVN’s license, especially without an assist from a nurse attorney. The effects of medication misuse may cause an RN to perform poorly at work. This is what happened to an RN in San Antonio who is suffering from personal issues and drug abuse while performing her work.

It happened on or about September 25, 2017 where the RN lacked fitness to practice nursing further as she was witnessed by other staff in the hospital for exhibiting impaired behavior. She also told a staff that she took Ativan before going to work at that same date. Her condition would have negatively affected her ability to perform correctly and accurately throughout her shift.

Another drug use incident occurred on the same date as she unlawfully used Hydromorphine and Morphine, resulting her to produce a specimen with positive results for using the said substances. This, along with her use of Ativan, referred her immediately to the Texas Board of Nursing. By this time, she should have contacted a nurse attorney for further assistance.

She was given a chance to defend before the Board. She states that she took some Ativan from her husband, along with Benadryl before reporting for her shift. She might have experienced impaired behavior due to the effects of the medicines. She also added that she made the wrong decision to use Hydromorphine and Morphine as well.

The Texas Board of Nursing is the one who sentences nurses undergoing cases that may discipline, suspend or revoke an RN or LVN license. Thus, they placed her RN license for suspension. The severity of the case can actually be assisted by an experienced nurse attorney if the RN was able to hire one that time.

If you’re experiencing a case that’s fully or partially similar to this one., it’s best to contact Nurse Attorney Yong J. An. He has represented nurses over his 14+ years of experience in handling nurse license cases. For more details or for a confidential consultation, you may contact him at (832)-428-5679.